Richard Adolphus Harrison


2020 CD Release

Releasing his first CD as a leader Richard Harrison RAH crossed the divide between Contemporary Urban Instrumental Music, Funk- Hip Hop and R&B. This CD is a must have for any music lover.

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Listen to the amazing samples of this 2020 release

Ragan Whiteside

From the album”Thrill Ride”*1. Thrill Ride  *4 Don’t You Worry “bout A Thing  *5 Lucky Drawz  *7 Full Court Press

Ragan Whiteside​

Ragan‘s album Drums on Early Arrival and See You At The Get Down also Live Drums on Corey’s Bop Which is not included on the album featured only on radio remix

Aziza Miller

Aziza‘s album produced and played drums on the entire album

Gene Williams

Gene Williams album Live drums on Victim of society

Eye & I

Eye & I album Live drums on the entire album

Soul Exorcism

Soul Exorcism album Live drums on the entire album


Defunkt album Live drums on the entire album


MG album live drums


Defunkt Razors Edge album live drums

James Chance

James Chance live at Paris album live drums

Jack Sass

Jack Sass band album live drums

Ware Records

Ware Records 12 inch live drums

James Chance

James Chance Live in New York album live drums


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What People Say About Me

As a drummer, producer, engineer and record producer, RAH epitomized the modern day music artist

Britteny Simmons